Your care visit: what to expect

Every care visit is different

Your care visit will depend on the level of care you need and want, and will have been designed around your care assessment.

Outside of the core activity, every visit follows a set framework. Here’s what you can expect:


You’ll know when to expect your Care Practitioner as we will have emailed you a visit schedule the Friday before. You’ll be able to recognise your Care Practitioner immediately because they will be wearing our trademark pink uniform and have an ID card visible on a cord around their neck. Punctuality is important to us, and a sign of respect, so on the rare occasions that you carer might be more than 30 minutes early or late, we’ll phone and let you know.

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The visit

The first thing they’ll do after they’ve said hello and introduced themselves is to use their Mobile Care Worker app to ‘log in’ to the visit. This allows us to know they have arrived safely. Then, they’ll consult your client file (which is kept at your home) to review the notes from the previous visit and then wash their hands. They’ll take note of any specific instructions detailed on their Mobile Care Worker app. This is the bit of the visit that can vary enormously, but duties may include any of the following:

  • Medical care
  • Personal care
  • Trips out
  • Household and pet care
  • Companionship

Your carer is instructed to wear gloves for certain tasks: blue for food preparation and white / clear for medical or personal tasks.

Domestic Care Oxford, Sarahs Carers

Once the tasks in the care plan are complete, they will ask if there’s anything else you need (if there is time available). It’s always our aim to give our Care Practitioners the time they need to provide appropriate care, we never rush in and rush out. This is your opportunity to have a chat, to ask about anything, have an extra cup of tea or even get your carer to take your dog for a walk / arrange a new prescription / put the bins out / clean the fridge / do some ironing / drop you off at the hairdressers.

Above all, we’re there to help you – so please make the most of it!

The end of the visit

At the end of the visit, your Care Practitioner will fill in the communication sheet within your client file. This is where we’ll record any information about the visit that needs to be noted, such as a summary of tasks carried out. It’s a crucial communication tool for other Care Practitioners, relatives, doctors and health visitors. They will then use their Mobile Care Worker app to ‘log out’ of the visit to notify us that they’re leaving.

Domestic Care Oxford, Sarahs Carers

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