How care works at Sarah’s Carers

What you can expect when you work with us

If you’re new to the world of care, then you may be feeling a little bewildered about how the whole thing works. Around this site, you’ll find specifics on aspects of care, but here we’ll give you an overview of the practice of care, how the right care is set up and how you can expect to work with us as we move forward together:

  • The Assessment

    Once you have decided to enlist the help of Sarah’s Carers, the first thing that happens is your assessment. This is where we determine, together with you, exactly what kind of help you’ll need, and the length and frequency of your visits.

  • Rapid Response

    Sometimes you’ll need help because of a sudden change in your circumstances. Here we can swiftly take action, carry out an assessment and help you manage your new situation as soon as possible. This kind of response is often needed if you’ve suffered a stroke or had an accident.

  • Communication

    We believe communication is the key to providing a quality service. Not only communication between us and you, but also family members and health care professionals involved in your care. It is extremely important for you to receive coherent, complete care from everyone who’s involved in your well-being. Family members are encouraged (with your permission) to call us on your behalf if you prefer.

  • Feedback

    We cannot stress enough how important feedback is. If you want us to do something differently, we urge you to tell us about it. It doesn’t matter how trivial you might think it is. There will always be something – from how we make your tea to how we help you get dressed. We want to hear your feedback.

  • Responsiveness

    We will take your feedback to heart and change the way we work accordingly. We have a robust system in the Sarah’s Carers office to make sure that our clients’ requests are heard and taken on board by every one of our carers.

We understand that it can seem daunting to have a stranger come into your home. We take the steps necessary to remove that worry – and as we move forward together your care will become exactly what you need to stay living in your own home.

care services in oxford, sarah's carers
care services in oxford, sarah's carers
care services in oxford, sarah's carers

Home visits and care assessments

Find out what to expect at a care visit and how a care assessment works at Sarah’s Carers.

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