Our values

From the outset we decided to be different

We decided to be the care company that really cared. For us to succeed with that mission we needed to create – and demonstrate – a whole set of new values.

Our mission is clear:

“To replace care companies of a variable quality with a company that has a focus on prevention, early intervention, re-ablement and supportive personalised services and THE team that can deliver.”

And our goal is simple:

“To make Sarah’s Carers the local ‘go to’ company for people needing care and people giving care.”

care services in oxfordshire, Sarah's Carers

Our core values:

  • Believe that it is not difficult to treat people properly and in a way that makes them feel important, valued and respected
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Push boundaries
  • Use all our clinical experiences and knowledge to benefit others
  • Be open minded, creative and innovative
  • Exceed expectation
  • Be positive and confident
  • Listen and learn
  • Keep a sense of humour
  • Build a family spirit
  • Feel pride, be humbled and honoured by the gratitude we get and never take it for granted
care services in oxfordshire, Sarah's Carers
care services in oxfordshire, Sarah's Carers

Customer service values:

Our clients are very important to us and we get to know them and their families very well. Many decisions around care are not easy, but we try to help wherever we can. We realise that when families live far away, the worry about a loved one grows, so (providing we have consent) we are always happy to report back.

Our office team and on-call staff always:

  • Have a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ approach
  • Show friendliness and sensitivity in our responses
  • Show courtesy and respect
  • Demonstrate genuine interest in every enquiry we get
  • Are reliable, dependable, responsive and responsible
  • Are polite, helpful, open and honest in all their dealings clients and their families, as well as other care professionals.
care services in oxfordshire, Sarah's Carers

Our philosophy is that any help, support and care should be given in the spirit of how we would want to be treated should we ever be faced with the same situation.

If you need care for yourself, or someone close to you,
get in touch and we’ll discuss your options

Call us today on: 01235 606 200 – Oxfordshire | 01394 824053 – Suffolk