About Sarah’s Carers

Restoring quality of life through care

We talk to many family members who have called us in a state of anxiety because they have a current care company that is failing to meet their needs.

The common stories we hear are about:

  • Lack of respect, dignity and compassion
  • Carers turning up late — without explanation — and then not completing all essential tasks, let alone providing any additional help or noticing if something is wrong.
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Caring as it should be

First and foremost, there is a commitment to put the wellbeing and quality of life of our clients at the heart of everything we do. We work with our clients during an initial assessment to really understand not only WHAT care or support is required but HOW you want it as well as WHEN you need it.

For those of us needing support to live at home safely and in the way that really matters to us, the personality and ability of the carer we have coming into our home makes all the difference, and being constantly let down and overlooked is not, by definition, caring.

Carers should turn up when expected and have the time necessary to give their client their full attention. Real connections are made between carer and client so the visits are welcomed, not resented.

All aspects of care and support are an option and are carried out with compassionate professionalism, but just as important is companionship and human contact. Having a chat over a cup of tea (made exactly as you would!) and providing a sympathetic ear are all part of the package.

care services in Oxford, Sarah's Carers Oxford

Sarah’s Carers – redefining care

We work in small teams looking after a small number of clients and that is a deliberate decision because providing as much continuity of carers as possible is important to us and our clients.

We like to be able to offer a really personal service and staying small means everyone from the care team to senior management has a day-to-day responsibility for ensuring high quality care delivery. This means we’ll notice if something has changed and will give advice or take action (with your consent) if we think there’s a problem.

care services in Oxford, Sarah's Carers

We know getting your care service absolutely right can take time, so if there’s anything you’re not happy with, we want to know. We understand that asking for and receiving help is not easy for adults, it can feel an invasion of privacy, dignity and erosion of independence. We will always listen and work with you to find an acceptable solution.

Not sure what care you need?

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